Connections + Champagne: Celebrating Partnerships in Industry + Education

Join us as we celebrate connections made through access2experience this school year!

As a follow up to a2e's re-launch event in November, this gathering will focus around celebrating the connections generated from access2experience (a2e) this school year! Educators and Professionals are encouraged to attend to meet other great leaders who are passionate about bridging the gap between industry and education.

Building and maintaining a talented workforce doesn’t just happen. It takes experience, mentorship, support, advocacy, and partnership. In order for all of that to happen, relationships are key. That’s what access2experience is all about: connecting, collaborating and convening business + education leaders (like you!) to make a difference by influencing our future talent.

Free to attend. Cupcakes, snacks, drinks, and good conversation provided.



5pm: doors open
5:15pm: welcome
5:30pm: sharing connections
6:00pm: “bringing a2e to life” + networking

access2experience (a2e) is an online platform that connects educators and advisors directly with industry professionals to build career connected learning experiences for students and young adults in our community.