Emergency Medical Services | Business AfterSchool

During this workshop, high school students will learn about the pathways to an EMS career including what it means to be an EMT, Advanced EMT (AEMT) or Paramedic. Students will hear first-hand on scene accounts as well as learn hands-only CPR and Stopping the Bleed. Additionally, students will tour the training facility and get time with the SimMan mannequin, practicing their new skills.

INHS Health Training specializes in initial and renewal education pathways for EMS providers. Course include Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced EMT, Paramedic, EMS Evaluator, Refresher and ongoing EMS classes and more. With close to 200 graduates per year, INHS is is committed to helping health care professionals maintain skills and stay abreast of the latest recognized medical advances that are vital to quality care and improved patient outcomes.

This workshop is designed specifically for high school students