STEM Art Studio

Recommended for grades 5-8  

Take a walk on the right side ... of the brain, that is! If you like math and science, but you're more passionate about art, then this camp is for you. Learn how we use STEM while engaging our creative side to express ourselves artistically. We’ll paint, draw and sculpt, and use a diverse array of mixed media, materials and techniques to express ourselves.

K-8 camps cost $90 per week for one-week camps and $180 for two-week camps. 


Spokane Public Schools' Summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) & Arts Camps are open to all students in the Eastern Washington region who will be in grades K-8 in the fall of 2018. They offer hands-on, problem-solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills through fun, engaging activities.   

Camps are one week long unless otherwise noted, and are offered July 9 - Aug. 2, 2018. Each camp has recommended grade levels, but we want you to place your child in a camp where he or she will learn and be challenged.