Teaching the Teachers - Craft (ED)!

*Due to the popularity of our programs, attendance is limited to educators only*
Teachers, counselors, advisiors - join us to learn about the world of entrepreneurship and local crafts!

Millennials are obsessed with small business and entrepreneurship. Students want to support small brands that tell a story. Our featured entrepreneurs are committed to niche brands who care about sourcing and ethics. During our Craft(ED)! Teaching the Teachers workshop we'll explore three local crafts, engaging in providing a better customer experience. From BumbleBar creating a lean manufacturing process for efficiency in food production, to Dry Fly's farm to bottle experience, ending with Arbor Crest, a 36 year-old family business of growing grapes and making wine, you will experience small brands at their best.

Stop #1: Spokane Valley-based gluten-free snack bar maker BumbleBar Inc. is abuzz with new growth this year, as it moves into a leaner model of manufacturing and works to expand both its own product line and co-packing relationships.

Stop#2: Learn about Dry Fly's farm to bottle approach of producing distilled spirits. Topics may include farming questions, production thoughts, marketing and distribution, multi-state and international sales, and regulation.

Stop #3: Arbor Crest is excited to share the story of their family's 36 year-old business. They look forward to sharing facts about the Washington Wine Industry Growth, together with the story of their local, national and retail programs. Although Arbor Crest was founded as a wholesale business, their most recent successes have been in expansion of their retail programs. Come share a glss of wine and meet Arbor Crest's family and team!