Teaching the Teachers: Inspiring Middle School Students During a Pandemic

Join us for a fun-filled virtual evening designed to harness the relevance of our current pandemic-state-of-living to inspire students in your classrooms!

Teaching the Teachers is a program of Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI), the region's business development organization. These workshops give educators the chance to learn about local industries, businesses, careers and relevant skills students need to open a pathway to their future career.

Spokane STEM is excited to co-host this STEM professional development opportunity that highlights this relevant and engaging topic for middle school teachers; especially those with interest in biology, health, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, virology, epidemiology, and environmental sciences. CTE/STEM directors and college/career counselors may also find the information helpful. High school teachers are welcomed to attend.

Participating educators will experience:

1. Fighting a pandemic is complex! Hands-on activities addressing many facets including infectious agents, immune system, transmission and vaccines, contact tracing, epidemiology, public health and communication.

2. Industry connections and careers with local business and/or health care providers.

3. Distance learning – can we really do all this with students at home? Yes! And we'll model best practices and resources for remote classrooms.

In addition to lessons you can utilize, NEWESD 101 middle school teachers in attendance will receive:

• Two STEM clock hours, paid by Spokane STEM

• One materials kit per middle school