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We must invest in tomorrow's workforce to fill the STEM pipeline.

Businesses who work to create a strong STEM environment are the ones who make our region more competitive. Building awareness of the importance of STEM education, including the short- and long-term needs that businesses demand, is an essential piece for Spokane's future success. This matters because the work and partnership between Spokane STEM and local businesses will help create a more vibrant regional economy.

We help grow and foster a talent economy.

By providing a quality STEM education for students, the region will develop people with the foundation and skills that are needed to make the region competitive. There’s a strong link between early learning and K-12 systems with exceptional STEM programs, strong university STEM education and a healthy business environment.

By exposing students to STEM, students will enter the pipeline for jobs at your company, which is increasingly important. Washington currently faces a shortage of qualified employee candidates in STEM fields. We need to find employees who can fill those jobs. And that workforce gap is only set to widen as many employees in STEM fields prepare to retire, making it even more important that we help grow and train future talent.


Students get connected with businesses so they can find future talented employees.

Spokane STEM connects businesses to students through speaking opportunities, tours, and hands-on, work-based learning experiences. This introduces potential, future employees to the realities of working in a STEM field and allows businesses to see if the students are a good fit for their organization and to build long lasting relationships.

Through the Spokane STEM Network, businesses are connected with other organizations in STEM fields. This promotes exchanging the latest thinking, innovative strategies, models, and tools which provides opportunities for existing employees to take advantage of an innovative culture.

Businesses are benefitted by making Spokane’s economy competitive.

By investing in STEM education in the region, the economy is strengthened. The presence of more STEM-related jobs and STEM-competent employees keeps our region competitive with other markets across the state, across the U.S., and globally. Without more STEM opportunities in our community, all sectors suffer. A STEM environment brands Spokane as an innovative community, where employees, families and businesses want to move.



We advocate for policy issues to ensure a strong STEM economy.

Spokane STEM keeps businesses informed of the latest developments in STEM fields and legislation.We advocate both at the state and federal levels for policy that supports the growth of STEM fields and the development of a highly trained, technically skilled, and professional workforce. 



For an entire listing of the STEM-based opportunities offered through local businesses, visit our STEM Experiences asset map.

Please visit our Partners page to view the businesses who have made a commitment to support the STEM disciplines and to make a difference in students' lives.


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