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Check out what's happening in Spokane STEM this summer!

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Mobius Children's Museum

Summer Camps4-8 years old. Slime, Putty & Goo!, Art Exploration I, Art Exploration II, Extreme Builders, Squid Dissetion Camp, Cosmic Creations. 

Toddler + Me Classes2-4 years old. Mommy & Me, Rain, Rain Go Away, Bubbles!, Father's Day Fun!, Magical Unicorns, Frogs!, Messy Summer Art!, Why is it so HOT out?, Mighty Dragons!, All About Me!

Mobius Science Center

School's Out Science Summer Camps7-14 years old. Girls in Science: Bio Chem, Girls in Science: Fundamental Foundations, CSI: Off With Their Head!, CSI: Case of the Stolen Lab Coat, Trilobties, Dinos, and Mammoths, Oh My!






Spokane Public Schools' Summer STEM Camps

Open to all students in the Eastern Washington region who will be in grades K-8 in the fall of 2017. They offer hands-on, problem-solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills through fun, engaging activities.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at camp.

To register and learn more, view camps on our events calendar or view the camp brochure.

Spokane Public Schools' Preschool Summer STEM Camps

Camps are organized to provide activities, experiments, projects and field experiences for children who are 4 or 5 years old. The summer camps promote STEM experiences that offer hands-on, problem-solving, critical thinking, communications and teamwork through fun, engaging activities! Summer camps are open to all children in and around Spokane (Eastern Washington). Breakfast and lunch will be provided at camp.

To register and learn more, view camps on our events calendar or view the camp brochure.

Saint George's Summer Camps

Artistic Math: Grades 3-5, Boring math drills in this camp? Not a chance. Computation worksheets? Nowhere to be seen this week. Using math in a new, creative way? You bet! June 19-21.

Legos & Programming for Young Students: Grades 1-3, Do you want to build with Legos? Do you like motors and things that move? Level I is for students who have not taken this course before, and Level II is for previous students of the course who would like new and more challenging tasks! June 19-21, August 7-11.

Robotics Camp: Grades 7-10, *Register by May 26* Have you ever looked at your computer and wondered, “How does this work?” Or thought up a design, but didn’t know how to create it?  This camp will outline these processes and give real life experience through fun projects, building a skillset for future projects. June 19-23.

3-D Sculpture: Grades 3-6, Do you love making 3-D art?  At this camp, we will use clay, papier Mache, cardboard, and more to explore the world of sculpture. June 26-30.

Stop Motion Animation Camp: Grades 3-6, Have you ever wondered how stop motion animated films were made?  Would you like to make one yourself?  Come to this camp! June 26-30.

Middle School Study Skills Camp: Grades 6-8, Are you having difficulty on how to prepare for a test? Do you need help on how to use your planner and setting aside time to prepare for assignments and projects? Come join us for a great time learning new skills and meeting new friends! August 14-18.







Spokane County Library

Classes and workshops such as Lego Club, Finch Robots, Too Fun Tuesdays, and more are held at various Spokane County Library locations throughout the summer months. Visit their calendar of events to learn and see more!

Spokane Public Library

Classes and workshops such as Build!, Amazing Science!, STEM Barbie, and more are held at various Spokane Public Library locations throughout the summer months. Visit their calendar of events to learn and see more!

NEWTECH Summer Academy

Students entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in 2017-18 are eligible to enroll in our Summer Academy 2017. Our Summer Academy is tuition free – Summer Academy lab/material fees may be applicable and vary by course. Students that successfully complete/pass their Summer Academy course will earn a .5 high school elective credit. Students must provide their own transportation. Read course descriptions here. Register here.



Girl Scouts of the Inland Northwest and Northern Idaho

A variety of summer camps are offered through the GSEWNI including Girls Who Code and Ms. Scientist. Check them out here



STEM Forward STEM Academy Summer Camps

The Mead School District is offering summer STEM camps! The STEM Academy is for 3rd-6th graders and the DESIGN Academy is for 7th & 8th graders. Camps will run during the month of July. Sign up here!



Spokane Valley Tech Summer Camps

Summer STEM Camps are open for 3rd-8th graders! Choose between Chemisty, Engineering, BioMed, Computer Science, Sports Medicine, or Robotics/Programming. Register here.

College for Kids STEAM Summer Youth Camps

Check out five weeks of video game design opportunities offered at the Community Colleges of Spokane to see how science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) relate to the real world. This year additional classes include culinary skills, painting/sketching, and a trip to the SFCC planetarium! Learn more here.



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