STEM in the Community


Programs that serve to engage youth to learn and build essential STEM skills.

Community organizations play an important role in STEM education, serving as an extension of the classroom and engaging under-served populations. Spokane STEM offers an important link for collaborative work among community partners.


We support collaborative environments to create a stronger community.

Spokane STEM offers an important link for collaborative work. Community organizations are engaged in STEM programs and activities, which help grow and build a stronger STEM environment. These community organizations play an important role in STEM education, serving as an extension of the classroom.

We connect community organizations to schools and businesses to enhance students’ curriculum through lectures, tours, and hands-on, work-based learning experiences. Community organizations grow and build a stronger STEM environment.

We connect you to resources.

The Spokane STEM Network connects you to other community partners that have complementary objectives. You can exchange the latest thinking, innovative strategies, models, and tools. Together, you can find common resources for programming, share resources, create enhanced programs, and develop a network of support. We also connect your staff to professional development opportunities.

We make the region stronger by aligning the missions of community organizations with STEM goals.

Community organizations invest in our community through individual and partnership efforts. We work together to align the missions of these community organizations with the Spokane STEM mission, working toward a common vision and set of goals for our region. This collaboration increases the number of hands-on, work-based learning experiences available to students, as well as increases the awareness about STEM-related jobs and competencies, driving youth and parent decisions about pursuing STEM-related careers. A greater number of STEM-competent employees keeps our region competitive with other markets.

We promote programs that empower underserved populations.

Through targeted outreach to underrepresented populations, including women (who fill only 25 percent of STEM jobs) and minorities (who fill only 10 percent of STEM jobs despite being over 25 percent of the population in Washington), we ensure that all members in our community have a better opportunity for success.

For an entire listing of the STEM-based opportunities offered through local community organizations, please visit our STEM Experiences asset map

Please visit our Partners page to view the local community organizations that support STEM education both within and outside of our schools.


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