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Are you a community leader?

Visit our STEM in the Community page to learn what community organizations do for the Spokane region.                                                                    

Are you a student?

Visit our STEM Experiences asset map under STEM Programs to learn which STEM-based experiences and opportunities are available to you.

Are you a business professional?

Visit our STEM in Business page to learn how important STEM-related jobs are and the ways in which businesses can make a difference in Spokane's future workforce.

Are you a teacher?

Visit our STEM in Education page to learn about how to integrate STEM-based experiences in your classroom and what benefits they bring to your students.




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Become one today! Our parternships help us lead the charge for high-quality STEM education in the Spokane region. 


Stories and experiences make a difference. Tell us about your STEM encounter and how it impacted your life.

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