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Spokane STEM's COVID-19 Response


A note from Spokane STEM: COVID-19

With the recent escalation of COVID-19 in our community, across our state, and across the world, we wanted to take a moment to point you to some helpful resources and information.

CLICK HERE for a list of learning resources we've compiled.

Spokane STEM is supported by its backbone organization, Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI). GSI is the Spokane region's business development organization that creates the place where organizations come together to advocate for the region, drive strategic economic growth, and champion a talented workforce. 

GSI/Spokane STEM recognizes that there is a lot of disruption, a lot of uncertainty, and that this is a very stressful time for many. We are working diligently with the governments of our cities, the County, Health Department and Emergency Management personnel to build capacity for our community, business and otherwise. With them, we are working to provide systems to:  surface issues, gather & disseminate links to the employee/employer/community resources, ensure consistent communication, assess on-the-ground impacts and more.

Through these times of uncharted territory, GSI/Spokane STEM is committed to using all of our resources to gather information for you in one place. GSI is sending out an e-newsletter three times a week with the most up-to-date and helpful information possible. Click here if you would like to receive this newsletter. You can also check out GSI's web page that is updated on a regular basis for even more informational links. 

Thank you, and stay healthy.  


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