STEM in Business


We must invest in tomorrow's talent to fill the STEM pipeline.

Businesses who work to create a strong STEM environment are the ones who make our region more competitive. Building awareness of the importance of STEM education, including the short- and long-term needs that businesses demand, is an essential piece for Spokane's future success. 


Fill the Spokane region’s future STEM talent needs. 


In 2026, high-demand STEM credentials are at the center of 7,944 family sustaining jobs.



Strategy 1: By providing a quality STEM education for students, the region develops people with the foundation and skills that are needed to make the region competitive. 

Strategy 2: Connecting businesses to students through speaking opportunities, tours, and hands-on, work-based learning experiences expose students to the realities of working in a STEM field and give employers a glimpse of their future talent.

Strategy 3: Promoting a STEM environment to strengthen the region’s economy and make our region competitive with other markets across the state and nation brands Spokane as an innovative community to attract and retrain business.


For an entire listing of the STEM-based opportunities offered through local businesses, visit our STEM Experiences asset map.

Please visit our Partners page to view the businesses who have made a commitment to support the STEM disciplines and to make a difference in students' lives.


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