STEM in Education


STEM education is more than simply teaching; it is about engaging.

STEM encourages students to foster creativity, problem-solve, analyze, participate in teams, and practice critical thinking and effective communication. 


By 2030, 70% of Spokane and Eastern Washington residents will earn a certificate or college credential. 

Spokane STEM aims to reach our goal by connecting and expanding meaningful experiences that enhance STEM learning from Pre-K through higher education by connecting opportunities for students and educators-creating a more vibrant future for our students, for our economy, and for the success of our educational institutions.


Washington ranks #1 for business with the nation’s fastest growing economy and #3 in STEM job growth.


The Eastern Washington region requires a talent pool that embraces creativity, problem-solving, the ability to analyze and think critically and can communicate effectively. Student must be prepared to thrive starting with our earliest learners to adult student engagement.  

Strategy 1: High quality early learning that focuses STEM education through early math strategies for students, STEM training for early learning educators and caring adults and builds STEM into the current early learning system.

Strategy 2: Creating a system of career connected learning opportunities for students in K-20 through access to career awareness and exploration, career prep including job shadows and internships and career launch opportunities that connect students to earn-to-learn experiences through paid internships and apprenticeship opportunities. 

Strategy 3: Access to higher education by connecting financial resources to postsecondary entry and support in STEM majors. A system that encourages completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and connects to public and private funding and advisory support such as the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) for completing a degree in a high demand STEM field. 


For an entire listing of the STEM enrichment programs offered through our local schools, please visit our STEM Experiences asset map

Please visit our Partners page to view the local school districts and higher eduation institutions who have made a commitment to incorporate STEM disciplines through programs and curriculum. 


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